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Extension Rings

Rockyford Steel carries Extension Rings for Westeel, Twister and Butler bins.

Westeel/Rosco/Twister/Metal Industries (standard corrugation)

Our bin sheets are 44" high, higher than a standard 30" Westeel sheet or a 36" standard Twister sheet, giving you an added 462 bushels per 14' ring or 888 bushels per 19' ring.

Each 14' ring, for a hopper bottom bin includes 4 1/3 sheets, stiffeners, splices, bolts and bin tape.

Each 19' ring, for a hopper bottom bin includes 6 sheets, stiffeners, splices, bolts and bin tape.

Flat bottom rings, and sets of short sheets to fill in the door are available as well.

Butler/Wide Corr Westeel

Our Butler extension rings are designed to be installed above the door, making them ideal for hopper or flat bottom bins.  Each 14' ring will hold 462 bushels and an 18' ring has 790 bushels.  These rings come with 108" stiffeners.


Door fill sets and extra stiffeners for Butler bins are available at an additional cost.

Heavy Gauge Bottom Rings

Heavier bottom rings are also now available for bins up to 36'.  These bottom rings are designed for unstiffened bins, and are available for both flat bottom and hopper bins.

Installation, pick up and shipping options available.  Call 403-533-2258 or email info@rockyfordsteel.com for a quote.  Please note, Shipping is currently only available in Western Canada.  Our US customers are welcome to pick up orders in Rockyford, Alberta


Steel Floors now available for 14', 18' and 19' diameter grain bins.